Misiones, Argentina
Birding Iguazú

#Let´s Go Birding!


Thirteen species of Owls inhabit the Paraná Forest, four of them are endemic. There are two species of Potoos, Long-tailed and Common and Nightjars such as Short-tailed in Iguazú, Long trained around San Pedro City or Sickle-winged down in south Misiones and NW Corrientes province, among some other ten species. They all occur in different habitats,therefore, the owling tours are programmed according to which species we look for, season and the weather.

This is a complete different experience than a diurnal birding, it requires more patience and time for each species, but being being able to stay in the deep forest at night, and finally hear the calls of a Rusty-barred Owl or spot a Tawny-browed Owl flying over against the deep dark sky superb reward and unforgettable experience.

Remember to take jackets, the Paraná Forest cools down at night even in summer.

By Birding Guide Fernando “Pocho” Cabral
Let´s Go Birding!