Misiones, Argentina
Birding Iguazú

#Let´s Go Birding!

North Misiones

A round trip across the North of Misiones province, to bird the best spots of the Paraná Forest, which on the Northeast of Misiones is higher than in Iguazú and theres some other species such as the Dusky-tailed Antbird, Large-headed Flatbill, Giant Antshrike and Araucaria Tit-Spinetail among other birds. The Doable within a full day, although I recommend spending one or more nights in our friends Birding Lodges such as Karadya Birding Lodge and Surucuá Lodge, in order to get a more complete list of our birds and have a better approach to them.

Birding Spots: Iguazú National Park,101 National Route, Urugua-Í Provincial Park, green corridor (Karadya Birding Lodge).

By Birding Guide Fernando “Pocho” Cabral
Let´s Go Birding!