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This website aims to be a window through which you can look at my work as a bird guide, some local birds and places where we might to watch birds in Iguazú National Park and its environs. Also a way to contact me for information and to hire my guide service.

By Birding Guide Fernando “Pocho” Cabral

Certified Birding Guide at Iguazú National Park
National Tour Guide MP G384

We do what we love in the place we know best.

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Iguazu Falls

Top spot for birding in Argentina, this spectaular scenery of huge waterfalls surrounded by Paraná Forest shelters about 450 species of birds ...

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Macuco Trail

Macuco Trail is a 7km pedestrian trail across the Paraná Forest in the visitors area of the Iguazú National Park.

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Owling is no doubt a special birding, doing it in a rain forest is something else. Iguazú shelters some 12 species ...

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101 National Route

30km of a dirt road across the Iguazú National Park making stops and short walks in the best spots...

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North Misiones

A round trip across the North of Misiones province, to bird the best spots of the Paraná Forest...

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This provincial park extends its protection over 84.000 hectares (207,000 acres) of Parana Forest...

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Hummingbirds Garden / Iguazú City

An unmissable spot for birders in Iguazú downtown. This bird-friendly family backyard is the stop for about 8 species of hummingbirds every day...

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About Fernando “Pocho” Cabral

National Tour Guide MP G384
Certified Birding Guide at Iguazú National Park

Fernando “Pocho” Cabral was born and raised in the province of Misiones, Argentina, enjoying the birds that surrounded him from an early age.

During his tourism studies, he met birders who introduced him to the world of birdwatching, a passion he has embraced ever since. He began to attend birding workshops, assisted on official bird surveys, organized birding forums and after some ten years of field training and experience as a tour guide, he melded profession with passion and started bird guiding.

Qualified as a Bird Guide by the Iguazú National Park and with a National Tour Guide degree completed, Pocho decided to settle in Puerto Iguazú City in 2010, surrounded by the Atlantic Forest and Iguazú Falls, to do what he loves most: Birding, in the place that he knows best: Iguazú.

During 2020 and 2021, he has taken the opportunity to participate in advanced courses for bird guides taught by leaders in the sector, collaborated with researchers in field ornithology and regularly contributed to citizen science projects by sharing his sightings through different web platforms. Pocho has kept his knowledge and skills fresh and looks forward with delight to sharing them with his guests.

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